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Child Rehab From Gaming and Social Media Addiction.

An alarming number of children, especially adolescents, are struggling with social media addiction and spend hours playing games online. This addiction influences and affects various areas of their lives and also impacts their health. There is a significant correlation between their addiction to technology and their mental health conditions. The virtual world is a perfect escape from real-life situations because it gives them a sense of achievement as they go on clearing challenges in the games. Kids also develop a false sense of social satisfaction as they let their virtual achievements define themselves and prioritize these over their other activities. 

A healthy amount of screen time is important for both the physical and mental well-being of the children. When the addiction dominates the whole life, behavior, and decision-making of the child, it is important to reach out to help. 

The downside of Gaming and Social Media addiction:

Oblivious to the detrimental impact, the children turn to games and social media due to various reasons. Wellknox’s expert therapists help the children identify the motive behind the addiction and replace them with healthy alternatives. This Rehab Program is devised to help the kids regain their ability to interact effectively in social settings and to control their addiction.

The skilled therapists at Wellknox design personalized programs with the objective of enabling better control over their addictions in the children. We ensure a confidential, trustworthy space and an efficient Rehabilitation Program for your children to help them overcome their challenges to attain a higher quality of life. 

Wellknox’s Child Wellness Service also includes an array of advanced Clinical therapy Programs and Child Wellness Programs like Autism Therapy, Snoezelen Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Music Art and Dance, and more.