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Best Cancer Rehab Care

A rehabilitative regimen designed by medical experts to help patients recover faster from the effects of cancer during or post treatment. Being diagnosed by cancer is traumatizing in itself and the side effects during the treatment don’t lessen it in any way. The whole process extracts a lot from a person which can lead them to develop physical, emotional, and social issues thus affecting their rate of recovery. 

Wellknox’s Cancer Rehabilitation program is crafted to help a patient get through this process and gain a quick recovery by providing the necessary support for the patients. The program compiles multidisciplinary exercises to regain the lost strength and mental health. 

Who can benefit from Oncology Rehab?

Oncology Rehabilitation is highly beneficial for people who are suffering from various types of Cancer and the people who have received a treatment for it. The course is tailored for every individual depending on the cancer and its stage if the treatment is ongoing, and their health condition, if the patient has already received the treatment. 

What does the program comprise?

The main goal of the course is to help people regain the functioning of their bodies and achieve independence in carrying out their daily activities. To achieve this, the program is designed by a culmination of multidisciplinary experts varying from Oncologists and Physical Therapists to Speech Therapists, Nutritionists, and Psychologists. 

It also incorporates various practices to reduce pain, build strength and endurance, decrease sleep problems, smoking cessation, stress management, management of chronic illnesses/ complications due to cancer treatment, etc.

How Wellknox Oncology Rehabilitation can help cancer survivors?

The various medical and therapeutic procedures in the program help the patients achieve their individual goals be it managing pain, coping emotionally, or improvement in the physical condition. 

Some of the positive effects include:

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