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Best Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center In Hyderabad

What is Cardiovascular Rehabilitation?

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation is a specialized program designed by professionals to treat, manage, and improve the cardiac health of the patients living with diseases, disorders, and conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. The program is a combination of exercises, psychological counseling, nutrition programs, and expert therapies aimed at the holistic recovery of the patients and decreasing further risk of cardiovascular diseases and deaths associated with them. Extensive interventions are designed after proper assessment of the needs of the patient and are aimed at promoting functional independence.

Who can benefit from Cardiovascular Rehabilitation?

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery in case of people who have suffered a cardiac event or complex procedure to treat cardiac conditions. It aids their return to an active lifestyle and helps them regain strength. Most importantly, it reduces the chances of hospital readmissions for cardiac patients by improving their quality of life. CR, when administered by experts, lowers the risk of death and serious health complications for cardiac patients.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a supervised program for people suffering from:

What does the program comprise?

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program is a structured treatment program aimed at improving cardiovascular health, reducing the risk factors, symptoms, and facilitating effective pain management. Wellknox’s team of experts have Cardiologists, Physiotherapists, Clinical nutritionists, Occupational and Physical therapists, Peri-Operative nurses, and Psychologists. Multidisciplinary experts provide overall care and support to the patients as well as their families to ensure improved outcomes.

Our Cardiac rehabilitation programs focus on:

How Cardiovascular Rehabilitation can help people with various conditions?

CR is instrumental in optimizing the cardiovascular risk, avoiding the possible disabilities, encourage the patient to lead an active life by bringing healthy lifestyle changes, and also help them maintain those healthy habits even after the rehabilitation process is completed. 

A professional and accurate assessment of the condition of the patient is essential to design treatment plans specific to the condition of an individual. The program facilitates long term management and effective maintenance of healthy lifestyle changes, and monitoring risk of readmissions. 

With centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions, Wellknox offers the best Cardiovascular Rehabilitation interventions in Hyderabad. Alongside Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, we also offer a wide range of Medical Rehabilitation services like 24×7 Critical Care, Home Health, Child care and wellness, Geriatric Care services for the elderly, wellness packages, and more. Our services also include life-altering therapies like Occupational and Speech Therapies, Physical Therapy using conventional methods as well as advanced Robotics, and state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy pools.