Best Geriatric Care Center In Hyderabad

Best Geriatric Care Center In Hyderabad

What is Cardiovascular Rehabilitation?

Caring for loved ones, especially when they are suffering from a complex clinical condition is more of an emotional challenge than a physical one. The feeling of helplessness while watching them brave through every regular activity hampers our ability to provide the professional help they need. Since there are various limitations caused by their health conditions, expert supervision is essential to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of the elderly.


medical conditions

As the Physical and Mental impairments take away the independence they once enjoyed, it is important to foster a positive environment to care for them. Geriatric care usually refers to the care given to older people usually at the age of 60-65 but some might require it sooner because of various complications, and some who are in good health do not even require it until their 70s.

Geriatric Care is especially important for the older adults dealing with chronic illnesses and medical conditions like as follows :


We specialise in the management of symptoms caused by these conditions including the following.

Neurological sexual dysfunction

Muscle tightness (spasticity management)

Abnormal movements (dystonia)

Drooling (hypersalivation)

Bladder problems (neurogenic bladder)

Bowel problems (neurogenic bowel)

Complex pain

Arm weakness

Memory problems and cognitive impairments

Mood disturbance and fatigue

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Geriatric Care Services and Benefits of Elderly care include :

Wellknox provides a comprehensive long-term geriatric care program to bolster the health of the elderly. Our Geriatric Rehabilitation services are provided in a Long-term ICU setting to ensure intensive care and avoid any health emergency. 


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Geriatric issues are inevitable, but we can help our loved ones navigate through these challenges in the best way is possible through specialized rehabilitation regimen.  Wellknox is the best Geriatric Centre in Hyderabad with two of its facilities located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills. Apart from the Geriatric Care Services, Wellknox provides multidisciplinary Medical Rehabilitation Services like Long-term Acute care, Aquatherapy, and many more.