Best Long Term ICU Care In Hyderabad

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Best Long Term ICU Care In Hyderabad

Advanced kidney diseases, kidney failure, serious intestinal disorders weaken the kidneys’ ability to purify blood. That is when external medical aid is provided in the form of Dialysis. Dialysis support for patients can be short term or long-term depending upon the patient’s condition. If the kidney failure is temporary and dialysis can be stopped when the kidneys recover. In some cases, it takes longer to recover, often leading to the need of a transplant.

In the case of a transplant, it is not always possible to carry out the transplant immediately due to the lack of donors. So, dialysis may become a necessity for longer periods. Through long term dialysis support, kidney diseases or inabilities can be managed. They can resume normal functioning when recovered. Providing Dialysis support for a longer period can be complicated, especially for elder people who have other health conditions. Delivering care in a coordinated and regulated environment under the expert supervision is an important step when a patient is put on dialysis.

Some illnesses or medical procedures weaken the patients to the point that they cannot perform basic actions like eating or drinking enough to sustain life. In such cases, chemically balanced nutrition and fluids are administered to these patients by intravenous (IV) or feeding tube delivery.

Wellknox’s Long term ICU Dialysis Support has dedicated programs aimed at treating and caring for people with kidney disease, and on dialysis support. Our team of specialists facilitate the development of the best possible services for people with kidney disease and effective management of the patient health.

We deliver wide-ranging services like:

Wellknox is India’s largest Long term ICU Dialysis Support facility with more than 150 beds and 100+ premium rooms in Banjara Hills and Kukatpally regions in Hyderabad.