Best Diet and Nutrition Wellness center in Hyderabad

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Best Diet and Nutrition Wellness center in Hyderabad

Chronic Health conditions can be alleviated or even eliminated with changes in diet. A balanced and healthy diet can help prevent many diseases, such as osteoporosis, stroke, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cirrhosis (liver disease), certain cancers and more. Good Nutrition also aids in managing high risk pregnancies, high blood sugar, gastrointestinal diseases, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions.

Nutrition services for our Long Term Acute Care patients:

Dietary and Nutritional care is an important part of helping patients recover after illnesses, injuries, or surgeries. Complex medical procedures can remarkably stress the mind and the body of the patient. The post-operative fatigue also results in reduced appetite leading to malnourishment. Dietary choices have a direct and long-lasting impact on the recovery. Due to this fact, the role of a healthy balanced diet and good nutrition is essential to flourish through the rehabilitation processes. 

Nutritional and energy requirements differ from patient to patient depending on their medical condition. Keeping this in mind, our team of dietitians and nutrition specialists carefully coordinate diet plans suitable to the patients’ body type, illnesses, and other requirements. We assess, monitor and counsel patients throughout the rehabilitation process. 

We help you achieve targeted weight loss goals and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Our extensive weight maintenance programs are developed with an aim of preventing weight regain and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).  A healthy diet plan boosts stamina, facilitates better metabolism, enhances physique, and improves overall wellbeing. Wellknox’s nutrition and diet programs promotes healthier lifestyle, and provide plenty of long-term benefits.

Wellknox’s Diet and Nutrition Care Services include:

For the best dietary and nutritional services in Hyderabad, visit Wellknox’s Medical Rehabilitation centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills. Wellknox also provides services for Geriatric care, Occupational Therapy, Home healthcare, Long Term Acute Care, Dialysis Support, and many more Medical Rehabilitation Services.