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What is Neurological Rehabilitation Program?

An expert designed program comprising of various physical and mental exercises combined with personalized medicine and diet and nutrition programs. Neurological Rehabilitation program is a culmination of medical and therapeutic treatments and is targeted at providing the patient with a 360-degree care helping them to come back to normal living conditions. 

Who can benefit from Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neurological Rehabilitation benefits people that are suffering from nerve diseases, injuries, degenerative diseases, structural defects, tumors, or infections. All the diseases that affect the nervous system of a person can affect their physiological or mental condition in one or the other way. Neuro Rehab aims to relieve the symptoms while treating the underlying condition simultaneously. 

Some of the conditions that benefit from neurological rehabilitation include conditions like:

Degenerative Disorders

Lou-Gehrig’s disease

Vascular Disorders

Tumors (Spinal Cord or Brain)

Structural and Neuromuscular Disorders


The treatment alternative is not just limited to these conditions but can also aid people who had major surgeries and are facing difficulties gaining normal body functioning back. 

What does the program comprise?

The Neuro rehabilitation program in Wellknox makes use of various medical practices to create a personalized recovery schedule for the patients. This includes Rehabilitation Expertise, Physical Therapy, Diet and Nutrition Expertise, and specialists in the fundamental cause. It also includes various therapeutic alternatives like Occupational Therapy, Speech/ Language Therapy, Recreational Therapy, behavioral therapy, pain management, and stress, anxiety, and depression management.

How Neurological Rehabilitation can help people with various conditions?

The primary aim of Neuro rehab with the help of various medical and therapeutic measures listed above is to help the patients regain the basic functions and achieve a level of independence.

This includes:

The experts at Wellknox make use of medical and therapeutic practices like Speech Therapy, Exercise Programs, Nutritional Counselling, and psychological guidance to help the patients achieve this goal. 

Visit Wellknox for the best Neurological Rehabilitation service in Hyderabad. We provide 24×7 assistance to patients suffering from any nerve related conditions and help them with a speedy recovery.