Advanced Robotics Rehab
India’s most Advanced Medical Rehab Centre with Robotics.
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Advanced Medical Rehab Center
India’s Only center with Robotics, Aquatherapy, and Long-term ICU Support
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Long Term ICU
India's only rehab facility with long term ICU and Ventilators
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Fully Equipped Aquatherapy
Recover, Rejuvenate, and Get Fit with Hydrotherapy
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Top Specialized Programs​

Wellknox’s specialized recovery Programs are specifically designed by our In-house Doctors
and Rehab care Experts aimed at the holistic well-being of the patients.

Long-term ICU
Affordable, Intensive Medical support with multipara monitors and invasive ventilators for chronically ill patients requiring prolonged ICU stay with 24x7 intensivist supervision.
Medical & Neuro Rehabilitation
Premium recovery program designed for people with or recovering from diseases, injury, or disorders of the nervous system or other parts of the body.
Stroke Care
Personalized Stroke recovery program exclusively devised to assist patients to fully regain Strength, Speech, Balance, or Cognitive Functions.
Wellknox Kiddos
A carefully curated child wellness and therapy service for kids suffering from any behavioral and developmental disorders.
Geriatric Care
An extensive Long-term care program for the elderly with physical or mental impairments to bolster their Health and the overall Quality of Life.
Post-Operative Care
A post-surgery recovery program formulated to offer well rounded assistance to patients requiring intensive care and monitoring after a major surgery.


Wellknox is India’s first and largest comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Facility in Hyderabad. We create effective treatment plans that include different therapies to help patients with major and minor physiological medical setbacks.

With more than 150 beds and 100+ premium rooms in Banjara Hills and Kukatpally regions in Hyderabad, both the medical centers offer the following services and more:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Geriatric care for the elderly
  • Lifestyle Clinics


24x7 Critical Care team

Ensured Physician and ICU Trained Nurses availability at all hours.

Invasive Ventilator Support

Mechanical Ventilation facility for every 1.5 Beds

Round the Clock Nursing

In-house Haemodialysis facility for Critical Care Patients

Robotic Physiotherapy

Use of advanced equipment for Patient Recovery


Temperature Controlled Hydrotherapy Pool

Snoezelen Therapy

Use of Multisensory Environments for Child and Adult treatment.


Medical Rehabilitation refers to the care programs for people suffering from diseases, injuries, or disorders. The programs usually comprise of a series of therapies carefully constructed to help the patients regain full functionality and strength.

Long-term acute care is apt for patients who require typically more than 3-4 days of ICU support. Patients who recover from critical illness that require intensive care support for longer periods after their discharge from the hospitals can choose LTAC hospitals instead of regular hospitals.  

Wellknox has two fully equipped facilities in Banjara Hills and Kukatpally regions in Hyderabad. Click here for Full Address.

The Rehab Program at Wellknox was a game changer for me. The way I have been provided care and administered treatment is commendable. The quality and attention with which I was treated did not change and has only improved since the first day I walked in the facility. Thank you, Team Wellknox, keep up the good work.


This Rehab was really helpful in my Dad’s post operative recovery. Physiotherapists are professional, caring and dedicated. The Rooms are comfortable, clean and hygienic. The staff is also very helpful and good. I highly recommend the Rehab to my friends and relatives in need.

-Rishab Jalan

I'm impressed by the way they treated an ICU patient and the service they provided. Good maintenance of rooms, nice & caring doctors and nursing staff. Overall we had a very good experience and felt at home. Thank you WellKnox for being my health partner.

-Kiran Sai

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