Best Occupational Therapy Centre in Hyderabad

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Best Occupational Therapy Centre in Hyderabad

Life-threatening injuries, illnesses, disorders, and major surgeries often leave a lasting impact on the patients’ body and mind. The gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing skills, and cognitive skills of an individual are affected in many ways. While these functional disabilities develop after major incidents in some patients, some of the patients are born with them. These impairments not only limit the potential but also make it hard for patients to carry out the everyday functional tasks effectively or care for themselves. To overcome these limitations, Occupational Therapy is beneficial. The therapy is instrumental in helping people participate in the community actively and enhance their function using various therapeutic techniques and exercises. 

Occupational Therapists are skilled to assess the needs of the patients by closely monitoring their condition. Accurate assessment of the needs and the degree of the condition is essential to customize the therapy regime for a better recovery of the patient. Hence it is important to choose the right program and right team to ensure effective results. Occupational Therapists at Wellknox are certified professionals who have expertise in working with the patients of all ages and various conditions who are dealing with a variety of impairments. 

We provide compassionate and comprehensive care at Wellknox’s Specialty Clinics. Specific objectives and goals are set to treat the condition of an individual according to the functional limitation and impairment. Occupational Therapy at Wellknox helps in:

Wellknox’s Specialty Clinics at Kukatpally and Banjara Hills offer the best Occupational Therapy Programs. Our outpatient and inpatient services are offered to people suffering from all kinds of conditions and of all ages. Alongside, occupational therapy our specialty clinics also offer essential healthcare services like speech therapy, and physiotherapy.