Best Music, Art, And Dance Therapy Center in Hyderabad

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Best Music, Art, And Dance Therapy Center in Hyderabad

There is a widely believed premise that a person’s body, mind, and spirit are interconnected elements. Music, art, and dance therapy has a positive value in the rehabilitation process as it engages all the primary senses and abilities of the children. The therapy involves employing therapeutic interventions to improve the physical, emotional, cognitive, communication, and social skills of people dealing with various conditions and disabilities. Studies over the years also support the wide-ranging benefits of the therapies involving these ways of expression because of the significant role these arts play in alleviating physical and emotional pain.

Music Therapy:

In Music Therapy, each intervention involves the therapeutic use of music to meet individual recovery and rehabilitation goals. Evidence-based techniques are administered to promote healthy stress management and enhance interpersonal skills needed to effectively function in social settings.

Art Therapy:

Art Therapy embraces a creative process to help the children explore their feelings and express them through art. The program involves using innovative techniques to enhance fine and gross motor control, engage minds, and improve cognition in children with neurological conditions. 

Dance Therapy:

Dance therapy involves the psychotherapeutic use of dance to aid the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of the child. Dance therapy interventions enhance balance, help coordination, and build endurance, strength, and range of motion. 

Benefits of Music, Art, and Dance Therapies:

The therapists at Wellknox are certified and experienced in adapting a whole-person approach to treatments and have tailored sessions that address the objectives. The Rehabilitation programs are designed in a way that directly align with the needs of each child. We provide individualized music, art, and dance therapy sessions to aid the rehabilitation process and promote better outcomes in the treatment of the children. We provide a safe environment and a highly interactive space for your children to help them explore the world at their own pace. 

Alongside Music, Art, and Dance Therapy, Wellknox’s Child Wellness Service has an array of advanced Clinical therapy Programs and Child Wellness Programs like Autism Therapy, Snoezelen Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and more.