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Best Occupational Therapy Centre in Hyderabad

A healthy child is usually curious, active, and often intrigued by the world that surrounds the child. All of their senses are involved in helping them perceive and interact with the world while communicating their thoughts, needs, and wants effectively. They are capable of understanding complex emotions; they reflect on what is happening around them, sometimes get upset at something, and bounce back without the need for intense interventions. But the kids with mental conditions do not exhibit healthy emotional behaviors and need intense interventions along with expert assistance. 

While it is not unusual for kids to have developmental delays and temporary physical challenges, in some kids these disorders continue over a long period thus triggering the need to identify the subsequent health conditions. Various conditions like Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic injuries, and other chronic illnesses need Occupational Therapy. Sometimes these disorders are congenital and need to be diagnosed early to ensure healthy development. 

Signs the child needs Occupational Therapy:

The way mental health conditions and their symptoms present themselves in adults is unlike how they can be seen in children making it difficult to diagnose them. Child Clinical Therapists at Wellknox are experienced in diagnosing, understanding, and efficiently treating your child’s mental health condition at a pace that the child needs.

In addition to the Occupational Therapy, Wellknox Medical Rehabilitation centers also provide specialized Child Care and Child Wellness Programs like Pediatric Physiotherapy, Autism Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Music, Art, Dance Therapy, Communication Therapy, and many more Clinical Therapies. Our facilities located in Banjara Hills and Kukatpally in Hyderabad also have cutting-edge equipment like Rehabilitation Robots, Multi-sensory equipment in the Snoezelen Rooms, and temperature-controlled Hydrotherapy Pools.