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Best Play Therapy Center in Hyderabad

As adults, we express each of our difficulties and challenges verbally and resolve them to lead a fulfilling life. But expressing themselves and their thoughts verbally is difficult for some children dealing with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral difficulties. In such cases, they are encouraged to express themselves through non-verbal gestures and activities. This can be attained by employing Play Therapy, a form of Child-centered counseling that involves interactive activities to improve awareness of themselves and the world around them. 

Although playing is a form of promoting relaxation and alleviating stress in children, scientific studies have proven that Play Therapy is vital in ensuring healthy development in children as it has various therapeutic effects on their minds and body. The fun activities make the children more insightful, help them explore the world, and promote healing. 

Some of the activities they are given engage various skills like gross and fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, communication development, language skills, and movement. When the children are engaged with the games in the interactive environment, they unconsciously express their feelings and play out the situation that troubles them. 

In the case of the children who have been subject to traumatic and emotionally challenging events, the way they interact allows them to release the children’s emotionally stressful negativity. 

Play Therapy is for the children dealing with:

Wellknox’s Rehabilitation Centers have created a warm, consistent, and trustworthy space that allows the children to express themselves better and make their own choices to express their inner turmoil. The therapists observe and assess the children through their way of expression to better understand their condition and help them heal. 

Our therapists are experts in their fields with certified skills to provide therapy to children effectively. In addition to Play Therapy, Wellknox Rehabilitation Centers provide a wide range of Clinical therapy and Child Wellness Programs for children with impairments like Autism Therapy, Snoezelen Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Music Art and Dance, Physiotherapy, and more.