Medical Rehabilitation

What is medical rehabilitation?

Medical Rehabilitation programs are specialized interventions that are designed by clinical experts to restore and improve functional ability of patients post discharge from a hospital. It is focused on enhancing the quality of life of the patients dealing with life-threatening disorders, diseases, injuries, complex surgeries, and conditions involving chronic pain.

What are the branches of medical rehabilitation?

Medical Rehabilitation is effective for multidisciplinary disorders and interventions like Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Neurological, Orthopedic, and Cancer. Care is also provided Post Trauma and clinical surgeries. Alongside the abovementioned clinical rehabilitation therapies, Rehabilitation also includes Wellness packages and Holistic Therapies aimed at the improving the overall health of a patient.

What are the four stages of rehabilitation?

  • Recovery – This stage involves administering Pain management techniques and working towards minimizing the effect of the condition.
  • Repair – This stage involves interventions aimed at reconditioning and recovering mobility.
  • Strength – This stage is all about restoring strength to the pre-injury levels of strength.
  • Function – This is the stage where the rehab care shifts towards restoring the function and moving beyond the limitations.

Who needs Neurological Rehabilitation?

People recovering from conditions and problems related to nervous system like:
  • Brain and Spinal Cord injuries, strokes.
  • Diseases like Huntington’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, etc.
  • Infections such as Meningitis, Encephalitis, Polio, and Brain Abscesses.
  • Neuromuscular Functional and Degenerative disorders.

What is done in neuro rehabilitation?

In any kind of rehabilitation program, the first step is to assess the condition, the impact of the damage, and accurately identify the root cause of the problem. The next step is to design a condition-specific care program for the patients according to the patient needs. Wellknox also provides nutritional counseling and psychological support to the patients throughout the recovery phase.

How long does neurological rehabilitation take?

The timeframe of the rehabilitation program depends on the condition of the patient and the pace of recovery.

What is rehab for cancer patients?

Oncology Rehab Programs are designed to help the cancer survivors restore and maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Do cancer patients need physical therapy?

Energy consuming interventions like Cancer treatments cause fatigue and pain-related limitations. To overcome these symptoms and aid recovery, physiotherapy is incorporated in the care program.

What does Oncology rehabilitation do?

Cancer care offers a wide range of therapies designed to help the patients in restoring and maintaining the function, improving endurance, bolstering the strength and improving confidence.

When should cardiac rehab begin?

Caregiving to a patient with a cardiac condition begins right after the hospital discharge. The types of interventions are designed by the rehab experts depending on the patient’s condition.

What is done in pulmonary rehabilitation?

In Pulmonary Rehabilitation, the experts design a program depending on the patient’s condition and provide education on Lung Health. Exercise training, Breathing Techniques, and other therapeutic measures are also implemented to improve the patient’s condition.

What is trauma rehabilitation?

These are professionally designed programs to improve mobility and independence of the patients who have survived traumatic injuries resulting from falls, burns, accidents, and cuts etc.

What is the post trauma rehabilitation process?

The process starts with the assessment of the condition and its impact on the patient health and function. The root cause of concern is studied and the therapy regimen is designed based on the condition. Psychological guidance and nutritional counseling is provided by experts throughout the program.

What is included in post-operative care?

Alongside physical, speech, and occupational therapies, Post-operative care at Wellknox includes effective pain management, assistance with mobility aids in case of patients with functional impairments, respiratory and circulatory exercises, personalized therapy, psychological and nutritional counseling for overall recovery.

Why is rehabilitation important after surgery?

Intricate surgeries trigger various health complications like physical and emotional fatigue, decreased range-of-motion, infections, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary limitations, and more. There is also a looming risk of re-admissions and emergencies, making Rehabilitative care an important step after surgery.

Long-Term ICU

What is considered a long stay in ICU?

A prolonged ICU stay is usually defined as being more than 10 days.

How long does it take to recover from being in ICU?

With proper rehabilitative care and specialist supervision, recovery timeframe can be regulated.

What is long term ventilatory care?

Long-Term ventilatory care is a program designed to provide mechanical ventilation for the patients, whose respiratory health has declined due to complex health conditions, injuries, or major surgeries.

What does long-term Dialysis support mean?

People dealing with chronic kidney disease or an end-stage disease require prolonged dependence on dialysis. This is a form of life support measure and is essential for their survival. There is no set time limit to receiving dialysis as it can go on for years.

Is dialysis considered life support?

Yes. Dialysis is a procedure used to cleanse the blood in patients whose kidney function is highly compromised. It is thus considered a Life Support measure.

Speciality Clinics

What are Specialty clinics?

Facilities that diagnose, assess, and treat a specific physical, mental, and behavioral health condition are called as Specialty Clinics.

What exactly does an occupational therapist do?

An occupational therapist uses therapeutic activities to help the patient restore, improve, and maintain the skills needed to carry out basic everyday tasks.

What does occupational therapy include?

Occupational Therapy includes interventions necessary to help the patient participate fully in social situations and promote overall wellness. It also includes exercises used to improve cognitive, motor, physical, and emotional skills.

What is pain management?

Pain management aims to relieve chronic pain using medications, therapies, and mind-body techniques.

What is Rehabilitative palliative care?

People with terminal illnesses and life-limiting conditions need specialized care and conditioning. Palliative care clinics at Wellknox aim at actively managing the symptoms, optimizing the function, and enhancing the quality of life of the patients.

What is included in Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

The program includes a variety of components, including strengthening exercises, mobility, pain management strategies, and functional skills, depending on the sort of injury the patient has sustained.

What type of diseases do dermatologists treat?

Wellknox’s dermatology clinics treat various skin, hair, and nail conditions ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Why is dental care so important?

There is a proven link between oral health and various other conditions. As they say, oral health is overall health. So taking care of your teeth is the key to preventing various other diseases, disorders, and health conditions.


Why is diet and nutrition so important?

A healthy diet and proper nutrition is essential in recovery and plays a major role in limiting the symptoms of the condition. It also helps the patient regain strength and build endurance.

What is Diet and Nutrition service in Wellknox?

Wellknox has Diet and Nutrition specialists that assess a person’s diet requirements after a careful assessment of the condition and offer personalized nutrition plans for a speedy recovery.

What is aqua therapy beneficial for?

Aquatherapy or Hydrotherapy is useful to treat a wide range of medical conditions resulting in mobility issues and functional limitations.

How equipped is Wellknox for Hydrotherapy?

Wellknox centers have temperature-controlled Hydrotherapy pools wherein therapists administer high-quality interventions to facilitate healing.

Who are holistic therapists and what do they do?

Holistic therapy is aimed at achieving overall health and not just focusing on treatment of the condition. A holistic therapist treats the overall health as one unit and designs therapies accordingly.

What is Snoezelen Therapy?

A multi-sensory environment created to soothe and stimulate all the senses of the patients to aid the treatment of patients living with conditions like autism, developmental disorders like dementia, and brain injuries.

What are the Snoezelen Environments made of ?

Snoezelen rooms are pleasant surroundings created to invoke sensory responses and include equipment used to produce relaxing sounds, therapeutic aromas, tangible and intangible experiences, visual marvels, and more.

Who is Snoezelen Therapy for?

Snoezelen Therapy is for patients of all ages who are dealing with psychologically challenging conditions. In case of kids, the therapy treats behavioral changes, conditions like autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays etc. In adults it treats conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and many mental challenges.

How does Snoezelen Therapy help?

A Snoezelen environment is useful for recreation as it has a calming effect on the patients. The visual and tactile experiences help them in exploring and dealing with their conditions effectively.