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Best Care Giving center in Hyderabad

Elderly and chronically ill patients and patients who underwent major surgeries, accident survivors, etc., require extensive care because of their numerous medical needs and impaired functioning. They need timely administration of shots and medicines, assistance in day-to-day activities, catheter management, effective pain management, and more. 

While providing care for the patients, the caregivers also have to follow a certain protocol like assessing the patient’s vitals, coordinating with doctors, administering medicines, and carrying out everyday functions. It is not always possible for the family caregivers to actively take care of such complex needs of the patients 24×7, especially when they also have professional responsibilities.

This is where Wellknox caregiving service comes into the picture. Wellknox caregiving professionals provide round the clock care in the patients’ home alongside the family. The highly qualified doctors and nurses at Wellknox are accustomed to a structured hospital environment and can assist the patient in daily activities and handle emergencies more efficiently. Making hospice care at home accessible to everyone, Wellknox’s Home Health Team provides comprehensive care to the patients.

Wellknox’s Home Health Teams include:

Regardless of the disease or disability, adopting a humane approach in caregiving is significant to help the patients recover their potential. Providing round-the-clock care to the patients takes a toll on the family caregivers, making it difficult for the family to create and maintain a positive and encouraging environment at home. It is thus important to ensure that care is delivered by professional caregivers who possess clinical experience in skillfully managing patient health even in emergencies.

Our Home Health services are aimed at providing comprehensive compassionate care to promote the overall recovery of the patients. 

From providing post-operative rehabilitation care to geriatrics and palliative nursing for those at the end of their lives, Wellknox’s multidisciplinary doctors and peri-operative nursing staff strive to achieve the best possible quality care for the patients.