Best Rehabilitation Staff in Hyderabad

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Best Rehabilitation Staff in Hyderabad

Catering to the complex needs of the patients with fragile health conditions is a challenge that can be efficiently managed only by providing expert care. The Nursing staff at Wellknox consists of highly skilled, certified nurses with clinical experience in providing post-operative care to the patients 24×7. 

Efficient Tracheostomy Management:

It is important to care for the patient’s trach tube, and perform proper cleaning, suctioning, humidification, maintenance to ensure infection control. Our nurses are skilled at taking care of the essentials of tracheostomy and know what to do in an emergency. 

Wound Management:

Prolonged stay in beds comes with a lot of skin complications like the risk of bedsores due to pressure on the skin. In these cases, the patients need skilled treatment and proper dressing that promotes effective healing. Our specially trained nurses provide both gentle care and education for managing such wounds and complications. 

Nasogastric Tube Feeding:

Illnesses, surgeries, and complex treatments impair swallowing and deprive the patients of the energy their body needs. In such cases, nutrition is delivered directly into the patient’s body through artificial nutrition and hydration techniques like tube-feeding. Insertion of tubes for feeding can cause discomfort to a patient, however, our nursing staff are trained to perform the task with minimal discomfort and provide efficient care. 

Bowel and Bladder care:

Healthcare delivery in a home setting requires the care providers to be equipped with the best equipment and skills to take care of the basic needs of the patients like managing bladder and bowel incontinence, caring for urinary catheters and their effective management. 

Assistance in daily activities:

Patients, especially elderly patients require assistance in everyday activities like walking, bathing, eating, taking medicines on time etc. Our nurses are experienced in implementing the doctor-devised caregiving strategies while providing the patients with the best support possible. 

Compassionate Care:

Compassion and empathy are the crucial catalysts that drive recovery in patients. A positive and encouraging presence promotes greater independence and new energy in the patient minds. Nurses at Wellknox are committed to delivering highest quality compassionate care round-the-clock according to the medical condition and individual needs of the patients. 

For the best Home Health Care Services in Hyderabad, visit Wellknox’s Medical Rehabilitation Facilities located in Kukatpally, and Banjara Hills.