Best Long-term ICU in Hyderabad

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Best Long-Term ICU In Hyderabad

Surviving a critical illness, a complex surgery, or injury is a physically and emotionally traumatic experience. While surgeries and treatments help some patients return to an active life, some patients suffer from serious medical complications and require long-term care, re-admissions, prolonged mechanical ventilation, and treatments in ICU settings. The tedious surgical procedures involve various anatomical and physiological complexities that make recovery difficult. Taking care of a Ventilator-dependent or a medically unstable patient is not possible without proper assistance from trained professionals.

That’s where “Long-term Acute Care” comes in. It facilitates caregiving in an exceptionally skilled environment that is crucial for recovery. Patients that require long term ICU care are those who need mechanical ventilation, intermittent respiratory care, multiple IV Medications or transfusions, complex wound care or care for burns.

Mechanical ventilators are usually helpful for patients who have a diminished respiratory capacity, inability to swallow fluids and medicines is compensated by putting the patients on IV drips, and loss of excessive blood needs a prompt transfusion. An expert supervised ICU setting is an ideal environment for people that need prolonged care.

Who needs Long-term ICU?

Long-term Critical Care at Wellknox:

Making Intensive Medical support affordable and accessible to everyone, Wellknox’s Long Term Acute Care facility is the best Health care Rehabilitation centre offering carefully co-ordinated Rehabilitation Programs. At Wellknox, our patients are provided with Rehabilitation plans tailored to the patient needs and illnesses by an expert team of physicians, therapists, rehabilitation specialists and more.

We provide services like:

With centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions, Wellknox is one of the best Long-Term Acute Care facilities in Hyderabad. Apart from Post-Acute Care Services, our services also include Home Health and Geriatric care for the elderly, and Wellness packages.