Best 24x7 Critical Care in Hyderabad

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Best 24x7 Critical Care in Hyderabad

Patients dealing with critical illnesses are at a constant risk and would need prompt access to medical services. When the patients are treated outside the intensive care units, it is difficult to respond to the medical emergencies that arise at random, thereby increasing the health risk. As health emergencies occur unannounced, it is best for them to receive care in a structured and safe environment under the expert supervision of intensivist till they completely recover.

The Critically ill patients who are dependent on ventilators also need to be in an intensive care setting so that their vitals can be monitored regularly and can be assisted with daily activities by trained nurses. These settings are instrumental in effective management of life-threatening health emergencies like cardiac arrest, stroke, pulmonary and neurological conditions, liver, kidney or gastrointestinal complications etc. in patients.

In a fully structured and constantly monitored environment, patients who are in a serious condition get the help of qualified healthcare professionals who can make appropriate decisions according to the circumstances of each patient. These healthcare professionals are a part of emergency care teams that comprise of doctors and nurses and are trained in various disciplines. Critical Care teams are available in every hospital and rehabilitation facilities.

Such rehabilitation facility dedicated to provide the best emergency care is available in Wellknox. The team comprises of highly skilled physicians, nursing staff, and therapists who specialize in caring for critically ill patients. Providing 24×7 intensive care, our multidisciplinary experts can identify the severity of the patient’s condition and act accordingly. Our state-of-the-art therapeutic program is personalized according to the health conditions of the patients and their needs.

The potential benefits of our 24x7 care team include:

With centres located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions, Wellknox is one of the best Medical Rehabilitation facilities in Hyderabad. Apart from the 24×7 Critical Care Services, our services also include Home Health and Geriatric care for the elderly, and Wellness packages.