Best Post Trauma Rehabilitation in Hyderabad

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Best Post Trauma Rehabilitation in Hyderabad

Physical Impairments and disabilities resulting from accidents are as emotionally traumatizing as they are physically. Survivors’ recovery programs are designed to cater to the physical and emotional needs by qualified physicians, physical therapists, and mental healthcare experts. Recovering from a Trauma is difficult in itself and dealing with limitations could impact the survivors as well as their families negatively. Rehabilitation after trauma facilitates safe and speed recovery by eliminating the patient’s inhibitions and providing holistic care and multidisciplinary rehabilitative interventions. 

What is a Post-Trauma Care Program?

Post-Trauma Rehabilitation programs are the professionally designed interventions to improve mobility, and independence of the patients who have survived traumatic injuries resulting from falls, burns, road accidents, cuts etc. An efficient Post Trauma Care setting is created to provide the necessary treatment to the patients to aid their transition and recovery, and help them regain the physical, mental, and emotional functions that were limited after the traumatic injury or accident. 

The right kind of rehabilitation procedure, environment, and caregiving can make a lot of difference in the recovery of the patient. The goal of a post-trauma care program is to aid recovery, promote independence, effectively manage pain, and facilitate movement. 

Who can benefit from Post-Trauma Rehabilitation?

Post-Trauma Rehabilitation is effective for people dealing with the after effects of major traumatic injuries and conditions like Musculoskeletal, visceral, and nerve injuries. It also aids in transition and recovery from burns, Limb loss or Reconstruction, blood clots, breathing problems, slurred speech, memory problems, and many more conditions. 

The most common conditions we treat include but are not limited to:

What are the benefits of Post-Trauma Rehabilitation?

An effective Post Trauma Rehabilitation Program helps a patient in regaining independence, function, and control over the body and has various other benefits like:

Providing expert care for the injured is essential to achieve improved outcomes. Wellknox’s Post Trauma Care Service aims at helping the patients regain as much of the previous strength and functionality as possible. The facility has one of the most advanced robotic rehabilitation equipment that aids in gait training. Wellknox’s Hydrotherapy is another most effective forms of Therapy for pain management and regaining function. 

With centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions, Wellknox has one of the best Post Trauma care facilities in Hyderabad. We offer wide-ranging Medical Rehabilitation services like 24×7 Critical Care, Home Health, Child care and wellness, Geriatric Care services for the elderly, wellness packages, and more. Our services also include Robotic Rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy, Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy.