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Best Robotic Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad

Anatomical and Physiological function impairments following major surgeries, destructive illnesses, disorders due to aging, and congenital conditions can be fixed with the help of rehabilitation. The side-effects resulting from Stroke, spinal cord, brain injuries include imbalanced gait, restricted movement, decreased capacity, and difficulty in carrying out the regular activities. Rehabilitative therapies and strategies are implemented to achieve larger range of motion effectively and facilitate unconstrained recovery of such patients.

The recovery process involves re-learning and intensively retraining the ability to move the affected part of the body. It is essential to help the patients get proper assistance in re-learning movement by providing them an appropriate rehabilitation setting. A therapist assisted recovery setting has its own limitations because of the constraints like continuous physical strain on the therapists, difficulty to assist due to various factors like weight and fragility, etc.

To be able to fully assist with the effective recovery of movement and function in an impaired part of the body, clinical teams and therapist designed rehabilitation strategies are paired with advanced technology, thus giving rise to Robotic Rehabilitation.

Robotic Rehabilitation has made a major advancement in the life-support sciences. Incorporating robotics into rehabilitation has helped maintain the right balance in measures such as joint angles, amplitudes, velocities, thus avoiding improper gait patterns and irregular movements. Providing assistance through rehabilitation robots and gradually improving the function is highly effective when compared to therapist-assisted process.

Robotic Rehabilitation Programs enrich the patient lives and help them to fully participate in the community. Versatile and dynamic rehabilitation robots are used to facilitate independent ambulation and enhance mobilization.

At Wellknox’s Medical Rehabilitation facilities, Leading edge Robotic Rehabilitation equipment is used to provide specialty intervention to improve movement in people with impaired physical functioning. Robotic rehabilitation devices ensure effective mechanical therapy and bring uniformity in the treatment process, making it the best way to regain bodily function.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Robots:

Medical Rehabilitation Service at Wellknox:

Wellknox’s expert team provides assistance tailored to the needs of the patient and illness. The multidisciplinary recovery Programs are designed by our exceptional In-house Doctors and Rehab care Experts who believe in creating environments that nurture. At Wellknox, we care.

With on the call doctors, ICU-trained, Peri-Operative Nurses, and In-house Physicians present round the clock, Wellknox’s medical rehab services traverse the bounds of physical health and ensure a holistic recovery experience.

Who can benefit from Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy?

Robotic Rehabilitation is suitable for patients with Brain and Neurological disorders, illnesses, and conditions like

Wellknox is a first-of-its-kind premier center for robotic rehabilitation in and around Hyderabad which provides Gait Training, and other services. Wellknox’s programs are aimed at effectively implementing Intensive Robotics led rehabilitation to help improve neurological rehabilitation services in Clinical settings. With centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions, Wellknox is one of the best Medical Rehabilitation facilities making cutting edge Robotics accessible and affordable to all. Apart from Robotic Rehabilitation, our services also include Home Health and Geriatric care for the elderly, and Wellness packages.