Best Robotic Physiotherapy center in Hyderabad

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Best Robotic Physiotherapy center in Hyderabad

A large number of neurological conditions involve impaired functioning of the body and disturbed brain to muscle connection, seriously limiting mobility and flexibility. These limitations are overcome by administering extensive physiotherapy. There might be a gap between recovery and physiotherapist-assisted therapy, which technology can effectively bridge. Re-establishing muscle memory by intensive Physical therapist assisted rehabilitation has multiple flaws as regular therapy causes a lot of physical strain on the therapist and is time-consuming, triggering the need for the alternatives. That’s when a new approach to rehabilitation was born- using robots.

Utilizing the combination of the strong expertise of a physical therapist, and advanced technology, robotic rehabilitation has facilitated successful recovery. Automated physical therapy is a game-changing revolution in the life sciences industry, providing effective therapy sessions making the overall therapy shorter. This is instrumental in freeing up the resources and setting the patient’s life in motion.

Diminished physical capacity can be quelled by providing consistent highly effective and intense Rehabilitation therapies. In the process of Robotic Rehabilitation, Functional movements are trained repeatedly to induce learning process and facilitate speedy recovery. The State-of-the-art robotics technology guides the patient through repeated movements to help improve Functional independence and get over the Neural impairments like asymmetrical gait, restricted movement of limbs, etc. 

Benefits of Robotic Physiotherapy:

Providing access to Affordable solutions to everyone, Wellknox has life-changing robotic rehabilitation programs. Using latest hi-tech robotics for stroke, brain, spinal cord and allied rehabilitation, our experts make therapy a fun process. At Wellknox, patients receive intensive interactive Rehabilitation using Therapeutic robots that guide exercises thereby engaging the patients in the recovery process.