Best Specialty Clinical Center in Hyderabad

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Best Specialty Clinical Center in Hyderabad

Specialty Clinics at Wellknox facility offer a range of out-patient and in-patient Medicare Services like Sports Medicine, Dermatology, and Dental Care. Wellknox also offers Rehabilitation services like Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pain Management, and more for the patients with functional impairments.

Our services for out-patients involve-

Sports Medicine:

Sports Medicine Program is aimed at facilitating a better and quicker recovery of function in case of the athletes who have sustained sports-related injuries.


Expert dermatologists at Wellknox offer skincare programs personalized to fit your skin type, and help you effectively deal with your skin challenges. 

Dental Care:

The Dental Care Clinic at the facility has specialists with expertise in providing the best oral health services to help the patients maintain perfect teeth, mouth, and gum health.

Medical Abnormalities like communication problems, disabilities, and hampered bodily function are common. While in some of us certain abnormalities are congenital, in others they might develop after major illnesses, disorders, and accidents. Although the patients receive treatment for the illnesses, some issues develop post treatment and require support from the expert personnel who are specialized in treating such conditions known as post-surgical disorders.

At Wellknox, we provide specialized care and rehabilitation services to help the people overcome these inabilities. The certified specialists at these dedicated clinics offer close monitoring and counseling to the patients suffering from various disorders.

Wellknox’s specialty clinics provide healthcare services like:

Speech Therapy:

Our team consists of skilled Speech therapists and Speech pathologists who strive for effective management of speech disorders and enable better communication. Speech therapy is recommended for people with respiratory, cognitive, neurological, auditory, and articulation problems like hearing impairments, developmental delays, fluency disorders, traumatic brain injuries, communication problems, Parkinson’s etc.


As one of the best physiotherapy clinics, Wellknox makes quality care accessible and affordable whilst using advanced technologies and techniques to end patient’s suffering. Physiotherapy is effective for people recovering from a major injury, stroke, or post a major surgery like hip and knee replacement, Spinal cord injury surgery, and more. It is also effective in dealing with motor impairments like Cerebral Palsy, and conditions like Posture problems, Slip Disc, and Pregnancy-related pain in muscles and joints etc.

Occupational Therapy:

The team of therapists at our Occupational Therapy center tailors each of the treatments with the best research and clinical knowledge to help improve the quality of the patient’s life. Occupational Therapy is beneficial for adults and children with impaired motor skills, developmental delays, Sensory processing problems, Autism, Dementia, Chronic illnesses, and Traumatic injuries.

Pain Management:

Our Pain Management center is equipped with therapeutic facilities that ensure relief from chronic pain originating from various parts of the body. Pain Management Programs are designed to efficiently heal from painful conditions like fractures, nerve entrapments, nociceptive pain, cancer pain, sciatica, hip pain, knee pain, and persisting headaches.

Palliative Clinics:

We provide specialized medical and emotional health care for the terminally ill and focus on their well-being in all the aspects. Palliative care may be offered to people of any age living with conditions like Blood and bone marrow disorders, Cancer, Lung diseases, Stroke, Kidney failure, Heart disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Dedicated health care services are the right way to overcome such disorders and post-surgical side effects. Wellknox’s Medical Rehabilitation centers located in Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions of Hyderabad provide Specialty Clinic services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. We also provide services like Geriatric care, Nutritional counselling, Long Term Acute Care, Dialysis Support, and many more Medical Rehabilitation Services.