Best Palliative Care in Hyderabad

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Best Palliative Care in Hyderabad

Palliative care improves the quality of life of patients and their families who are dealing with physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges as a result of a life-threatening illness. It also works on improving the Caregivers’ quality of life and is not just confined to the patients’ wellness.

 It is an approach that is aimed at relieving the suffering and pain associated with the health conditions of the patients. While Palliative care can benefit the patients at any point in their illness, administering care right from the beginning of the treatment leads to decreased risk and reduced chances of hospitalization.   

Wellknox’s Palliative clinics are the care settings that are created to provide a structured environment and holistic care to the terminally ill patients whose treatment options have been exhausted. Our expert-designed programs are curated with the goal of improving the overall health of the patient, providing necessary support to the family, effectively manage and control the symptoms of the patient’s health condition.

Wellknox’s Palliative Care Teams are comprised of:

Conditions that Palliative Care can Benefit:

Palliative Care at Wellknox is delivered by Specialists who are experienced in providing customized care to the patients according to their age, degree of the illness, other possible medical conditions, and other parameters. Wellknox’s Palliative Care Clinics accept both outpatients and inpatients regardless of age and condition. Our centers are located in the Kukatpally and Banjara Hills regions of Hyderabad.