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Best Physiotherapy Center In Hyderabad

Physical therapy is a crucial treatment option prescribed to treat the physical impairments and mobility challenges resulting from various reasons like aging, fatal accidents, injuries, elaborate medical procedures, life-threatening illnesses, diseases, and disorders. It helps the physiotherapists identify the root cause of the chronic pain and also diagnose the condition with precision so they can design the treatment and exercise regimen according to the patient needs.  Since physiotherapy plays an important role in numerous treatment programs it must be administered effectively to eliminate the risk of re-injury and aid the recovery process. Wellknox’s team of experienced physiotherapists ensures efficient assistance in the rehabilitation process and in regaining function. Our specialists work with the patient to customize treatment plan suitable to the patient age, stage of the condition causing disability, and other medical conditions.  Wellknox provides physical therapy services for a wide range of neurological, neuromuscular and anatomical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Congenital Abnormalities, Traumatic Brain or Spine injuries, Arthritis, Obesity, and lung and balance disorders.

Our Physical Therapy Programs are designed for various conditions like:

Motor disabilities cause a lot of inconvenience to the patients and make it difficult for them to carry out the basic everyday tasks. When disregarded, the conditions causing pain might need surgeries, prolonged bed-rest, and dependence on Mobility Aids.

Physical therapy has various benefits like:

The Specialty Clinic at Wellknox offer customized Physiotherapy services to the residents and also the outpatients tailored to their individual needs. Visit our facilities at Kukatpally and Banjara Hills for the best Physical Therapy programs and expert Physiotherapists to help you lead an active life.