Best Sports Rehabilitation center in Hyderabad

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Best Sports Rehabilitation center in Hyderabad

Injuries and accidents are inevitable in sports and are inherent parts of the lives of athletes. While most of these injuries can be managed easily and require less time to recover, some of them leave a permanent mark as they impose each aspect of life. Sports injuries can cause physical and neurological impairments and limit function, thus triggering the need for effective Sports Rehabilitation treatments. 

Wellknox’s Specialty Clinics provide extensive interventions and expert care to restore function and help an individual return to the pre-injury level of activity. Our team consists of expert physiotherapists, physicians, skilled nurses, professional caregivers, occupational therapists, experts in diet and nutrition, and other health professionals. Wellknox’s Rehabilitation services include incorporation of leading-edge robotics for rehabilitation therapies and temperature-controlled Hydrotherapy Pools. 

Sports injuries and helplessness resulting from the lack of function also has adverse effects on the person’s mental health. These emotional conditions range from depression, anxiety, to eating disorders. Constant support, compassionate care, and specialized interventions are essential in such cases. We ensure holistic care and round-the-clock physician support to the patients. 

Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation at Wellknox:

Wellknox’s Sports Medicine Clinics at Kukatpally and Banjara Hills ensure a sooner and effective recovery. Our teams work in compliance with the patient and curate Rehabilitation plan to fit the needs of the patient, intensity of the pain, and source of the pain. The Specialty Clinic’s services are open to both outpatients and those who prefer to stay as residents. Alongside Sports Medicine, Wellknox has Specialty Clinics for services like Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pain Management, Palliative Clinics, Dermatology, and Dental Care. For the best Sports Rehabilitation services, visit our centers located in Hyderabad.