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Best Heart Stroke Rehab Center in Hyderabad

In order to function properly, the brain requires a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients. When blood flow to the brain is restricted or interrupted, it prevents the brain from functioning properly, resulting in a stroke. Because brain cells begin to die and brain function is lost after just a few minutes without blood or oxygen, a stroke is considered a medical emergency.

Getting back to the normal life after surviving a stroke is a physical and emotional complexity that the patient has to deal with. In some cases, because of the physical impairments, the patients must be closely monitored for any neurological changes and often be tube-fed for days post stroke. While the physical limitations are noticeable, the psychological impact of a stroke is rarely addressed. Living with the limitations, all the while fearing another stroke affects each aspect of the survivor’s life.

Healthy lifestyle changes, professional care, and compassionate support can reduce the risk of another stroke. With 24×7 availability of stroke care specialists and advanced facilities, Wellknox is committed to compassionate and quality care that makes life after stroke harmonious.

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Wellknox is dedicated to providing the best possible care using advanced technologies and personalized care for your individual condition, with a wide range of treatment options. The Rehabilitation options vary from one patient to the other because of the factors like the type of stroke, patient’s age, and general health of the person.

Our team consists of experts in the medical field who have carefully coordinated a care program to deliver advanced care and support to the patients.

Our Post Stroke Rehabilitation Program includes:

Aside from the rehabilitation program for stroke care, our services range from providing Geriatric care services to child development programs. Wellknox is the Best Stroke Rehabilitation center in Hyderabad with units located in Banjara Hills and Kukatpally.

Rehabilitation Programs designed to administer proper stroke rehabilitative care limit the complications and prevent additional strokes.