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Best Clinical Therapy Center In Hyderabad

Some children are born with neurological disorders and some are affected by them later in life due to traumatic injuries or serious infections. Treating the disorders in the kids at the earliest stages is essential as it impacts the whole family and communities. 

Children with complex developmental, cognitive, or communication disabilities resulting from the neurological disorders have difficulty performing the simplest of tasks. Unlike adults, kids cannot communicate their needs, pain, or inconvenience effectively, making it difficult to diagnose and treat them. 

Neurological disorders come with a range of problems like psychological, cognitive, emotional, developmental, behavioral issues, and more. Child care programs at Wellknox are designed to facilitate accurate assessment, program suitable interventions, and treat a wide range of neurological disorders. Our specialists also ensure that the children can effectively cope with the stress related to developmental change that comes with age. 

Child therapists at Wellknox have expertise in providing a wide range of treatments like:

Therapies at Wellknox are designed using scientific knowledge and expertise. These treatments are also aimed at providing education and teaching management techniques to the family caregivers because having a child with disabilities impacts the family functioning. 

Clinical Therapy is used to treat neurological conditions including:

Wellknox’s Child Care Programs have been expertly curated by multidisciplinary experts to promote overall well-being of the child. Our therapists work with the child and family to understand the symptoms well enough to diagnose the condition well. We believe that early diagnosis and treatment can optimize outcomes of the treatment. 

Alongside clinical therapies, Wellknox’s Child Wellness teams also provide specialized interventions and Child Care and Child Wellness Programs like Pediatric Physiotherapy, Autism Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Music, Art, and Dance Therapy, Communication Therapy, and many more. Wellknox Medical Rehabilitation facilities also have cutting edge equipment like Rehabilitation Robots, and temperature-controlled Hydrotherapy Pools.